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2023 Summer Release

2021 Jurassic Park Chenin Blanc  - Enfield Wine Co.

2021 Jurassic Park Chenin Blanc

12.4% Alc. - From own-rooted vines planted in 1978, low yields and a long growing season made for an epic 2021 vintage at Jurassic. 
lemon oil, bruised peach, elderflower, fresh tea leaves, lanolin, beach sand, and a LONG juicy finish

$30.00 750mL
2021 Sonoma Coast Cabernet Franc  - Enfield Wine Co.

2021 Sonoma Coast Cabernet Franc

12.1% Alc. - Our first bottling from the vines we planted 5 years ago at Waterhorse Ridge, and I am as excited for the future of this wine as any that we make. 
red currant, blueberry, rose petal, graphite, sandalwood, crushed vitamin C, peppery finish

$28.00 750mL
2021 Citrine Chardonnay  - Enfield Wine Co.

2021 Citrine Chardonnay

13.3% Alc. - Our heritage vineyard blend, vibrant and intense, but balanced - as if the volume is turned up on all its parts equally.
pear, lime skin, early picked mango, lilac, clove, quartz dust, loaded palate with a prominent mineral finish

$28.00 750mL
2021 Stained Glass Grenache  - Enfield Wine Co.

2021 Stained Glass Grenache

13.6% Alc. - The embodiment of what makes Grenache on sand so special - pale, juicy, spicy and delicious, with effervescent tannins.
rose petal, bergamot tea, dragon fruit, curry leaf, gorgeously aromatic with a plush, juicy palate and a vibrant finish

$32.00 750mL
2021 XB 07 Mirror Image, Robert Nicol Pinot Noir  - Enfield Wine Co.

2021 XB 07 Mirror Image, Robert Nicol Pinot Noir

13.7% Alc. - From old vines yielding less that 1 ton/acre, comes one of the most fun and delicious XB's to date.

cherry/apple skin, pomegranate, black pepper, sublime juiciness and a precise, mineral finish

$42.00 750mL